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Kangaroo Petting Zoo

We are thrilled to welcome the newest members of the Cobb's Bennett's Wallabies mob - 7 baby joeys - Wendy, Thelma, Louise, Snowflake, Peanut, Jellybean and Thumper and an adorable 3 year old rescue from Idaho, Odie! Come hold the baby joeys and hand feed and pet the adults!

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Admission to the Kangaroo Petting Zoo is 5 Kernels per person, or included with your Bought the Farm Admission!

Please note children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult (with Bought the Farm Admission or Kernels) in the Kangaroo Petting Zoo.

For the safety and comfort of both customers and petting zoo animals, the Kangaroo Petting Zoo closes at 7pm for all evening events.


What are wallabies?

  • Wallabies are part of the kangaroo family - Macropodidae - which includes kangaroos, wallabies, tree-kangaroos, pademelons, quokkas, and several other macropod marsupials.
  • Marsupials are mammals that bear their young at a premature stage in their development and raise their infant to a juvenile stage in an anatomical pouch. Some marsupials include: kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, opposums, sugar gliders, wombats
  • Macropod means "Big Foot” -  Macropods have large hind feet, long powerful tails, relatively small heads, large ears and on the females, forward opening pouches.

Where are they from?

  • Bennett's wallabies are originally from Tasmania, an island state off the southern coast of Australia.
  • Our wallabies at Cobb's are born and raised Canadians! About 30 years ago, kangaroos and wallabies were being culled in many areas of Australia and New Zealand. A Canadian adopted many of these animals and built a sanctuary for them to live in! This is where our wallabies are from!

Is it warm enough for them in Canada?

  • The Bennett's Wallaby has the densest coat of all the kangaroos, making it a successful resident in cooler climates. It actually snows in Tasmania, where they are originally from (they also have a nice, warm house at Cobb's)!

What do they eat?

  • Their vegetarian diet consists mainly of grasses, herbs and leaves. They also love corn!

How big do they get?

  • Bennett's Wallabies grow to be about 3 feet tall and can grow to be as heavy as 20 kg.

How old do they get?

  • They generally live to be about 12 years old but can sometimes live to be over 15 years old!


Blacklight Mini Golf

Admission to Blacklight Minigolf is 5 Kernels per person per game, or unlimited games with your Bought the Farm Admission!




Climbing Wall

Admission to the Climbing Wall is 5 Kernels per climb, or unlimited climbs with your Bought the Farm Admission!




Spider Climb

Admission to Spider Climb is 5 Kernels per climb, or unlimited climbs with your Bought the Farm Admission!


Ropes Course

Admission to the Ropes Course is 5 Kernels per ride, or unlimited rides with your Bought the Farm Admission!


Blaster Balls

Blaster Balls is a fast paced, fun-filled game suitable for all members of the family! Hand-eye coordination and reflexes are tested as teams scramble for soft, foam balls, launch them through air cannons, and into the targets, or towards their opponents! Fun for all ages!

Admission to Blaster Balls is 5 Kernels, or included with your Bought the Farm Admission!







Bungy Trampoline

Experience the adrenaline rush of bungee jumping – with none of the risks! Perform gravity-defying manoeuvres, flips and tricks, all while safely harnessed on this bungy and trampoline hybrid!

Admission to Bungy Trampoline is 5 Kernels per ride, or unlimited rides with your Bought the Farm Admission!


Archery Tag

archery tagWant to be like Princess Merida in Brave or Katniss in the Hunger Games?

Archery Tag® is a phenomenal new game that uses archery with special foam tipped arrows. Painless and mess free, (unlike paintball!), Archery Tag is intense enough for thrill seekers and safe enough for kids, making this game fun for everyone!

Admission to Archery Tag is 5 Kernels or is included with your Bought the Farm Admission!

Bouncy World

Ever dreamed of a world full of bouncy houses? Well now you can live your dream! We have a large assortment of bouncy houses (including our newest addition - the Dinoslide!)!

Bouncy World



zorbz-4 Zorbz

Take the ride of your life! Zorbz are like human sized hamster balls! Experience rolling around in these giant inflatables! It’s totally safe and a whole lot of fun!

Admission to Zorbz is 5 Kernels per ride, or unlimited rides with your Bought the Farm Admission!


Walk on water without getting wet!

Admission to Waterz is 5 Kernels per ride, or unlimited rides with your Bought the Farm Admission!


The Three Little Pigs

Babe, Wilbur and Kevin are Cobb's three pot-bellied pigs born March 24th, 2013. Come visit them and their houses (one straw, one wood and one brick, of course!). And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Big Bad Wolf!

Pigs 2014

Mazes & Games

Giant Hill Slides


Pedal Carts


Antique Box Car Tractor Ride


Hop Dots

A deceptive little puzzle in which you hop from dot to dot by color: Red - Blue - Yellow. The object is to get from one corner to another, start in any corner!

Pyramid Puzzler

It's a 3-D Tile Maze! Now you must follow the rules to get to the top of the pyramid, make a wrong choice and you step off the pyramid to start over at the beginning.

Rope Maze

Over 1,600 feet of nautical rope forms a path that leads to the deck of a pirate ship. Kids climb on deck to shout "Ahoy" when they master the maze.

Bouncing Ballz

Lots of fun for the little ones to ride on!


A variety of fun outdoor games including hooping horses, bean bag toss, steer roping and more!


Corn Maze

Outback Corn Maze

In honour of our adorable wallabies, our 2018 Corn Maze theme is Outback Adventures!


Although our corn maze should be open by the beginning of September, it will not be the kind of maze you get lost in!  A flock of geese have adopted our corn field as their summer home! We don't mind them being there except they eat all the corn! We have replanted repeatedly, but have really struggled to keep up with their appetites! It has been recommended to us to have them exterminated, but as animal lovers, we are unwilling to do that, and are currently looking for a more humane solution. Unfortunately this means our corn maze is not one you will get lost in (although we still have lots of fun games you can play in the maze and LOTS of other activities)!